Why a Laptop Adapter Is Not Working

A non-functional laptop adapter can cause big problems; especially if the computer's battery is low or drained. In addition to preventing you from getting your work done, it can also be an electrical shock or fire hazard. Troubleshooting a non-working adapter can be difficult because there are several factors that could be at fault if the computer is not getting power. If you are at the end of your rope, there are a few hints to help get your computer up and running.
Laptop computers run off battery, or DC power. DC means "Direct Current," and refers to the way current flows from the source. Direct current is basically a continuous and steady stream of energy. The adapter that came with your laptop computer is known as an laptop AC adapter, which converts the Alternating Current supplied by your wall outlet into the Direct Current that is required to run your laptop. Alternating current does not flow as a steady stream.
Cord Problems
A big cause of laptop adapter failures is cord crimps. These can occur when an office chair with casters rolls over the cord on a hard surface. The conductor of the cord can eventually break under the stress of being rolled over. If the cord or insulation is not completely severed, it may not show where the short has occurred. Since most adapters include an LED that will light up when the device is plugged in, a good indicator that there is a short would be an unlit LED.
Any time the adapter has cuts in the insulation of its cord, or is otherwise missing pieces of its insulation, it should be replaced immediately. Bare wires carry a risk of serious or fatal shocks, as well as possible fire hazard. Do not attempt to repair your AC adapter. Contact the laptop's manufacturer or seller to find information about a replacement adapter.
Brick Problems
The portion of your adapter that does all the work is colloquially referred to as the "brick." The brick is the heavy box that sits between the wall and your computer and is connected by a permanent cord and one that may be removable. The brick, for all its heft, contains some delicate components, and can be damaged fairly easily if it is dropped from a considerable height. Generally speaking, if the brick stops working, the LED that indicates power will not light. If the brick portion of your adapter is not working, you will have to replace the adapter. Contact your computer's manufacturer or the seller for information about a replacement adapter.
Computer Problems
The point on your computer to which your adapter connects is not prone to failure, but, being soldered to the motherboard with little other support, can break. If your computer only powers intermittently, or you have to "wiggle" the adapter to get power, there's a good possibility that the power input on your computer has broken. This is not an easy or quick fix; you may need to replace the entire motherboard, depending on your computer model. A technician should be able to diagnose the problem and give you a price quote on the repair. In some cases, the computer may not be worth the price of the repair.
The easiest way to test your adapter is to plug it in. In addition to the adapter's LED, there should be an additional LED on your computer to indicate that the computer is getting power from the outlet. If neither of these LEDs lights, then there is definitely a power problem. If an identical, "known good" adapter can be obtained, connect it to your computer. If the computer gets power from the new adapter, then a replacement adapter will fix the problem. If the computer does not get power from either adapter, there is probably an issue with the computer. At this point, it is recommended that the computer be brought to a PC repair technician for diagnosis.
Jury-rigging should never be attempted, due to the risk of shocks, fire and damage to the computer. Do not use another computer's adapter if it is not the same model or brand, even if it fits. Failure to match input and output voltages on laptop adapters could damage the computer, the adapter or both. Contact the manufacturer or the seller of your computer for information about replacement adapters.
If you cannot find a brand and model-specific replacement adapter for your computer, it may be possible to purchase a universal adapter, which includes multiple, interchangeable tips. You will need to find one that matches your original adapter's wattage, and it should also include a matching or switchable voltage output.


Fujitsu LifeBook MH380 Mini Laptop Details

Fujitsu at the beginning of the new conference revealed the original Japanese ultra-thin mini notebook -- LifeBook MH380. Fujitsu LifeBook MH380 machine looks very exquisite, especially chrome silver light arc trimming design, combined with the white surface give people the feeling machine more exquisite distinguished. At the same time, the top cover is also embedded metal " infinite " and " FUJITSU " logo.
Fujitsu LifeBook MH380 has superb technology at the same time, the material and the material is very sophisticated, although Fujitsu LifeBook MH380 use of ABS engineering plastics, but enough material to machine has the same tough shell. Fujitsu LifeBook MH380 has a 10.1 inch LED LCD screen, maximum support 1366 x 768 resolution. In addition to the above screen also built a 1300000 pixel camera.
Fujitsu LifeBook MH380 adopts shaft-sinking design, and other light this is different, it is not about the two pivot, but at the bottom of the screen in one piece, like early notebook rotary screen style.
Fujitsu LifeBook MH380 only 10.1 inches of the fuselage, but LifeBook MH380 will operate Fujitsu regional distribution is reasonable, the operation area at the top while not design any shortcut buttons, but with the " Fn " key combinations can achieve quick start function. When the machine is running, state indicating exhibit of lanterns sent to blue light, combined with strong metal texture to the start button to add some sense of science and technology. Fujitsu LifeBook MH380 adopts the trapezoidal design keys, key surface after grinding processing, we in operation, fingers and the key touch feeling very comfortable, trapezoid slide design around can increase the distance between each key, combined with the 19mm key process design, can greatly improve the operation hand feeling, even in the fast entry is also more comfortable and relaxed.
At the same time, Fujitsu LifeBook MH380 touchpad area is very moderate, and the surface of the contact fingers are also very comfortable, sensitive contact can bring precise positioning. Touch panel with the following a group of keys around, using not only CHROME SILVER design style, in terms of application also have nice to the touch. The touch-control board right circular region is the only industry Fujitsu independent skateboard, circular slide from the periphery to the middle of a slightly downward arc, which can be more fitting our fingers, the heart can complete upper and lower drag and drop operation.
Although Fujitsu LifeBook MH380 palm rest area is small, but the exquisite workmanship make plastic type surface contact with our wrists, have a good comfort. Located in the palm rest right side can see Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR, Intel Atom processor and XP operating system logo icon.
The fuselage to slant little reason is restricting the expansion of capacity on the one hand, although the Fujitsu LifeBook MH380 only 10.1 inches, but for the vast majority of netizens describes the interface is involved. On the left side has a security hole, 2 × USB interface and Mini USB interface connection line. The right side of the machine body has the power supply interface, VGA video output interface, RJ45 Ethernet interface and USB2.0 interface, the machine has a total of 4 × USB2.0 interface, can be said to Fujitsu LifeBook MH380 in similar notebook, USB interface is very good, and also designs in the fuselage front, it can bring us use the convenient.
Fujitsu LifeBook MH380 fuselage back is a one-piece Fujitsu notebook battery, so did not design any interface, and the front part of the left side has a set of audio input / output interface and the slot of the card reader, this and to digital products more user convenience. In addition, users carefully it is not difficult to find, in the LifeBook MH380 Fujitsu completely folded top, at the middle front system indicator and indicating lamp picture still clearly visible, so that we can observe the system running status.
Fujitsu LifeBook MH380 will create new styles of design CD driver sharing program, we can through the program, very convenient to the domain of other computer CD driver sharing for their own use. At the same time, Fujitsu LifeBook MH380 also has a USB memory technology, the interior is equipped with a capacity of 32GB removable disk, the connection mode through the software can be shared with other computer using.
Fujitsu LifeBook MH380 machine with 6 cell batteries when the weight is 1.28Kg, portable travel (machine + Fujitsu LifeBook MH380 battery + power adapter ) weight is 1.58Kg. Another lightweight body coupled with the wireless network card, and Bluetooth V2.1EDR complete real-time communication function, can be easily travel network access. In addition to Fujitsu LifeBook MH380 is fully compatible with RoHS. Environmental standards, for users to provide peace of mind with the mobile life experience.
In the hardware configuration, Fujitsu LifeBook MH380 used the Intel Atom N450 processor and NM10 chipset motherboards, integration with GMA 3150 memory chip card, equipped with 1GB, 250GB and Atheros DDRII800 hard disk AR9285 wireless network card, and Bluetooth V2.1EDR complete real time communication function, install the Windows 7 Home average Basic family printing plate operating system.
Fujitsu LifeBook MH380 uses 6 cell 10.8V 5800mAh 63Wh lithium ion battery. The test of Fujitsu LifeBook MH380 is equipped with an 10.8V 5800mAh 6 core lithium ion battery, capacity of 63Wh. In the Windows 7 system, we will supply management mode to " energy-saving mode ", and then through the BatteryMark software to the testing range. The final Fujitsu LifeBook MH380 endurance time was 6 hours 26 minutes, long life to meet our out most of the day when they do not need to bring the power adapter. In addition to Fujitsu LifeBook MH380 also uses ECO energy-saving device, to further extend the battery life time. If your original battery broken working, to purchase a replacement battery is also very convenient.

The replacement Fujitsu LifeBook MH380 battery specs:
FUJITSU LifeBook MH380 battery
Replacement FUJITSU LifeBook MH380 battery
Chemistry : Li-ion
Capacity : 4400mAh
Volt : 10.8V
Color : Black
Net Weight : 305.60g
Dimension : 202.40 x 30.00 x 24.50 mm
Battery from : http://www.all-batteries.co.uk


Dell's luxury notebook XPS 17 Reviews

Re-integration of the Dell XPS series notebooks Reloaded, luxury high-end positioning, and build to meet the users are more stringent experience requirements. The ultra-luxurious hardware configuration, but also for the first time using a high-quality JBL sound system, the effort to dedicate the theater-level high-definition visual and audio enjoyment, the following, we will be evaluating this rebirth after the XPS 17.
Anodized aluminum enclosure
JBL's high-quality speaker
Dual USB 3.0 interface
Dell XPS 17 Battery life to be enhanced
The keyboard has a slight subsidence phenomenon
The XPS 17 stylish metallic look
After the re-integration of the product line, Dell introduced new XPS series laptop computers located in the high-end fashion in this shell selected anodized aluminum metal material to enhance the stylish and tough look but also played a scratch-resistant protective effect. Anodized aluminum material products are rare in your notebook, the metal material is out of an Alienware with XPS, we can see the rebirth of XPS position not lower than the unattainable Alienware series.
After reading the XPS 17 overall appearance, I believe the feeling of everyone with the same Xiaobian have through the metallic finish strong XPS 17 elegant rounded waistline is how looks like a large ship? Yes, the XPS series inspired from the spaceship, although the bottom of the same with the top cover metal materials, but the silver paint to do the same before and after the echo effect, and enhance the visual impact, standard 9-cell battery will also be notebook overall elevation, more ergonomic standards.
The XPS 17 in the interface area as a high-end fashion this certainly will not do other notebook products, should provide some of the so-called high-end interface and configuration. A gorgeous curve on both sides of the fuselage split called "Heixia the silver, the spacecraft wings wearing no doubt, XPS, 17 the left side there is only one USB 2.0 interface, thermal windows, Jiu Geyi reader (SD, SDIO, SDXC, SDHC, MS, MS Pro, MMC, MSXC, xD). The XPS 17 right side from right to left is the USB 2.0 ports, microphone jack, two headphone jacks, and Blu-ray. The main interface of the XPS 17 are located in the rear of the fuselage, we look at the left interface, DisplayPort interface, HDMI interface and cable interface from left to right, respectively. The XPS 17 right rear interface from left to right are computer Kong locks, power connector, two USB 3.0 interface.
The new XPS series laptop to give us the biggest surprise is not mentioned above, USB 3.0 interface and Blu-ray drive, but for the first time using the JBL high-quality sound system. XPS series laptop computers have built-in high-fidelity JBL speakers and Waves is MaxxAudio professional fever audio technology, combining, during the games, watch movies, to provide full, vibrant sound.
XPS JBL speakers of two 5-watt unit +1, 12-watt subwoofer 22-watt audio unit, enough to bring you top audio performance and the most fun listening experience. In addition, the Waves audio hierarchical technology can achieve better dynamic range, frequency response and imaging results, and provide the best transparency, clarity and natural sound.
The XPS 17 uses a 17-inch screen design, equipped with full-size keyboard with keypad area is reasonable, is worth mentioning that, the keyboard backlit keyboard, as long as the configuration you can think of, almost all in the XPS 17 find them. 17-inch XPS 17 for the keyboard area and wrist rest provides a very large space for the use of the touch pad area, the surface smooth, very accurate positioning, left and right buttons back to full stretch, feel is superior. Backlit keyboard for the XPS 17 can be manually open and does not reference a sense of control, a little regret. The keycap slightly concave, to better meet the finger tapping, feel very good, but the keyboard is the overall subsidence of signs, this may be due to the evaluation of the prototype due to individual differences.
The XPS 17 has a screen of 17 inches, weight should not be very light, and comes standard with a 9-cell lithium dell laptop battery, test weight and battery life. The XPS 17 stand-alone with a 9-cell lithium battery weight 3.695Kg, coupled with the dell power adapter and power cord, the weight is 4.33Kg, so the weight for a 17-inch notebook and can accept, but this weight cents no portability at all. 9-cell lithium battery life is not ideal, only two and a half hours or so, but for such a high-end configuration of the notebook fairly acceptable, after all, the 17-inch screen, 2.1 speakers, high-performance graphics cards and so the configuration is regarded as the power-hungry notebooks.
The following describes the hardware configuration of this we have reviewed the XPS 17: processor 4 cores 8 threads, the Intel Core i7-740QM (1MB L2 cache, 6MB L3 cache), 8GB Memory, 1TB (500GB × 2 7200 RPM ) hard drive, 17-inch display with a resolution of 1600 × 900, the card uses a very powerful NVIDIA Geforec GT445M, memory to 3GB. The XPS 17 equipped with a memory for 3GB of NVIDIA Geforec GT445M graphics, it is clear this is currently the leader in mobile graphics
Rebirth after XPS series notebooks in the introduction by a great deal of attention, through the evaluation of the XPS 17, we also understand that the products of the high-end fashion positioning, luxury hardware configuration of the coveted not only by the 4 cores 8 threads, the Intel Core i7-740QM processor and 3GB memory NVIDIA Geforec GT445M graphics card is also equipped with high-quality JBL speakers, and USB 3.0 and Blu-ray. Performance and product positioning to achieve reunification, the test data also tell us that this is a very good notebook products.


DRAM read

We have not talked about some problems, such as the CAS-2 and CAS-3 the difference between what we are concerned. Now we already have a basic understanding of the basics for the DRAM, the following article is to introduce some modern memory technology. DRAM reading process is actually in the previous article discussed the DRAM read and write, but in the previous presentation in memory, a better understanding of friends will find only the memory generally read a brief description of many The important details are not discussed in detail. Therefore, we in the contents of this section of the article for a detailed discussion of this process. Here is the asynchronous memory read process steps do not need to because the asynchronous DRAM running the same processor, same frequency, the operation of the control timing signal, addressing basically independent control by the memory chip itself control, so in the discussion of them relatively simple, we only need to consider the case of the DRAM itself (this series of articles is in line with the principle of gradual and orderly progress, so that we better understand the working principle of the memory):
1) The row address through the address bus transfer to the address pins.
2) / RAS pin is activated, the column address will be placed in the row address strobe circuit (Row Address the Latch: In the front part of the article it translated into the column address latch circuit).
3) The row address decoder (Row Address Decoder) to select the correct line and then sent to the sense amplifiers (sense amps).
4) / WE pin is not activated, so the DRAM knows that they are not to write.
5) the column address to the address pins via the address bus transfer.
6) / CAS pin is activated, the column address can be sent to the column address strobe (Column Address the Latch).
7) / CAS pin as an output start signal (Output Enable)  / CAS signals on the sensing amplifier, has been found because of the much needed data, Dout pin valid, the data from memory be transmitted to the system.
8) / RAS and / CAS pin stop activated, wait for the next read command.
Memory read, we need to consider two main types of delay. The first category is the delay between consecutive DRAM read operation. Memory can not be in progress finished a read operation as soon as the first two read operations, because the DRAM read operation, including charging and discharging of the capacitor also includes the time of the signal sent in two read operations the middle, leave at least enough time to let the memory of these aspects of the operation. Between two consecutive read operation, the first type of delay / RAS and / CAS precharge delay time.  / RAS is activated and deactivation, you must give it enough time to prepare for the next activation.
Of course, in between the two read operations precharge time is not to limit the DRAM speed the only factor. The second delay type is called the internal (inside-the-read) read latency. This delay is the delay between the same two read operations are very similar, but not activated by the stop / RAS and / CAS, but due to the activation / RAS and / CAS. For example, the row access time (tRAC) - it is activated RAS and the data will ultimately appear in the time between the data bus. The same column access time (tCAC) is activated / CAS pin and the data will ultimately appear in the time between the data bus.
Now let's spend a little time to combine the read process described above to study this diagram above:
1) first took a fancy to the first row of the diagram, this period RAS is not activated, we see the data in the third line of the Address the BUS line on the address bus during this period in the pre-charge during the row address to the address pins via the address bus transfer this period the CAS in a precharge state;
2) still took a fancy to the first line in the Figure, the / RAS pin is activated (RAS Active, the gray part), the column address will be placed in the row address strobe circuit (the third line of Address
Bus below) during CAS is still in the pre-charge state; / RAS is activated at the same time, tRAC (row access time) - as shown above the last line of the Data Bus, as shown.
3) After / RAS is activated, the row address decoder (Row Address Decoder) to select the correct line and then sent to the sense amplifiers (sense amps).
4) During this period, the / WE pin has been in an activated state, so the DRAM knows that they are not to write. This state will continue to start write operation until the end.
5) the column address to the address pins via the address bus transfer.
6) / CAS pin is activated (as shown above the third line), the column address can be sent to the column address strobe control (Column Address the Latch). This the time tCAC (column address access time) to start timing.
7) is active during the end of the / CAS / RAS activation is stopped - also about the data found in the vicinity of this time sent to the data bus for data transfer (Figure data Bus), the data bus for data transfer process, the address bus is idle, it does not accept the new data - sent in the data record at the same time tRAC and tCAC end.
8) during the data transmission on the data bus, the / CAS pin is stopped activation - is a high level, which began to enter into pre-charge period.
RAS and CAS will also be in the pre-charge period, until the next / RAS activation cycle to the next read operation. I believe that such instructions should be aware of the DRAM read. On this basis, we can begin to recognize the SIMM or DIMM latency (latency) problem. First of all, we continue to clarify a few concepts. DRAM latency types are divided into two types: access time (access time) and cycle time (cycle time). Access time (access time) with the front we are talking about the second type of delay is related with the read cycle delay time; cycle time (cycle time) in front of us talking about the first type delay , which is subject to the impact of the delay time between the two read cycles. Of course, the incubation period is very short, measured in nanoseconds.
As of asynchronous DRAM chips, the access time is to reach the row address pins from the row address from the time data is transmitted to the data pins of the time. In this way, the access time is 60 ns DIMM means that when we issued the command to read data, address data is sent to the address pins to wait 60 nm in order to achieve data output pin. Cycle time, literally from two sequential read time interval between the operations. How to reduce the DRAM cycle time and access time is the second half of this article will be discussed in detail.
We usually comes to DRAM memory is many nanoseconds here refers to the general (we will explain) Why take the nominal access time. We all know that the shorter the access time, means that the memory operating frequency will be higher. Of course, the higher the memory operating frequency means that you can adapt to the higher FSB of the processor. If the processor clock cycle is short and the long incubation period of the DRAM, the processor in a lot of time to wait for the DRAM transfer data. Therefore, when the DRAM must, such as incubation period is 70 ns, then one must wait for data 1GHz a PIII will be longer than a 400MHz PII, processor. Course, such a phenomenon is that each user would like to see, when the memory used by the slower or the faster your processor is relatively Yourprocessor will be more performance have been waiting such a wasted.


Car warehouse interior cleaning DIY coup

How to clean up the interior space? Now make the most of the owners have a headache, we have rarely able to see the owners cleaning the interior, I am afraid that the absolute majority would choose to go to the beauty shop or upholstery shop to do the regular care, however, this need not be. The daily cleaning of the car can own DIY, not only save money but also save.
How to fight against stains
Many owners are faced with this problem: encountered heavy weather, mat or cushion is the most dirty parts, so this time, interior cleaning agent is a cleaning tool car essential. Dirty at first, we have the best interior cleaning agent sprayed into place, soak for half a minute later, with a cloth or soft brush to clean the dirty parts, basic can completely erase the blot.
If it is encountered similar transparent plastic products like stick to the seats, we can also use medicated oil to smear. Stain area, we appropriate a few drops of medicated oil, and then back and forth with your fingers to smear dirt will soon be able to dissolve in medicated oil.
However, we need to pay attention to cleaning agents or medicated oil, we need to clarify both the scope of application, often cleaning agents to adapt to the plastic, leather, fabric, and carminative oil against viscosity strong stains (mostly applies to the instrument panel). The so-called "right", the different materials to choose a different product of the confrontation, in order to avoid the car by the erosion of the unknown material.
How to fight against fine dust
The portable vacuum cleaner functions much the same. Such as soot, dry mud, dust matter, we are the most common way to come up with the mat or cushion out to shake a few, but this is difficult to remove the card in the gap between the particles of dust, and often this time, the portable vacuum cleaner is essential. In general, the interior of the vehicle dead ends, especially the seats, it is the gathering place of dust and debris, but rely on the vacuum cleaner against these stains should be no great problem.
How to clean up the air conditioning vent
Outlet if the water, it is very easy to breed a small mold, but this place is often the most filth. Cleaning this place, the owners of more than buy on the market a variety of air-conditioning duct cleaning agent, but the cost may be higher, so, I would rather own DIY a.
White vinegar diluted to 50% (water blending composition 1:1), and then opened the door and windows, air conditioning mode, tune into to the outer loop, as far as the tone gale.
2, open the engine hatch to find the entrance to the blower, high pressure gas insufflation. Remember: air guns, do not touch the blower impeller
3, the blending of good white vinegar lotion sprayed into the blower inlet can be. NOTE: After cleaning, do not forget to install the air conditioning filter in place
4 Wipe the air conditioning vent cleaning is completed. Note: Wipe the surface can be.
Summary: Some cleaning can own DIY, such as lemon or expired tea can get rid of the odor, detergent degreasers, carminative oil can wipe clean the dashboard solid stains, the owner can use these tips for the car on a regular basis cleaning, saving money and practical .


What is the key to the success of Portrait photography

What people photography? What is the key to the success of people photography?
People photography is static or dynamic character of the subject, focus on depicting the physical appearance and mental outlook, which direct the performance of a photographer. Any content involving characters and a variety of themes, characters belong to the scope of people photography. Such as: portrait, family life, friends and family togetherness, gracious couple, married Shou rituals, childhood documentary, campus dynamic, elderly evening scene, tourist spot, fashion wear, stage performances, sports activities, work site, festive event, customs, social news, body art, a wide variety everywhere optional. In general, the field of photographic art, with this specific category, in addition to portrait photography, more families, children, travel, weddings, sports, stage, social documentary and even the human body and other photography, distinctive interrelated, often concurrently attributed to people photography series, collectively referred to as people photography.
So far, the men have been since 1839 the birth of photography photography art often shoot new issue, and summarized the  key to successful people photography, is to "Vivid". In real life, each person's physical appearance and character of the same mental outlook and the intelligentsia ever-changing. Photo of a figure, captures the subject's demeanor and emotional, but the appearance did not perform well, you can not afford to take a closer look, the lack of artistic expression; Conversely, if the looks remarkably like the demeanor and emotional without depiction of the character performance is bound to rigid, no charm. Therefore, people photography can not be limited to beat like, but should be based on the appearance of the characters weaknesses and highlight the beauty, to appearance, better able to communicate and mental outlook of carved figures, so that the characters in the picture looks better than The real subject is more beautiful, more lively, more energetic. Only be done first of all to "shape", to be expressive.
Comply with the requirements of the "Vivid" to make people photography, photographer in addition to correctly grasp the camera to use technology, but also to observe the excellent photography and learning about photography knowledge on the basis of careful observation often in life the various characters, seriously consider, develop quick thinking and judgment, so that the practice of people photography, unique eye deliberately novelty, seize the opportunity to select the theme, typical and vivid moment, and seize the subject to shoot an increase lifelike pictures of people.
Second, what kinds of shooting people photography?
Figure photography shoot no more than the shot put,  capture, and put \ caught by combining three. Have their own characteristics and requirements, and each other, complement each other, respectively, constitute the indispensable figure photography modeling approach.
1, shot put
The entire photographic process, and always subject is fully aware of someone in their own pictures, so that photographers can have sufficient time to do shoot ready and subject to be at the mercy, to complete filming. Thus, the shooting mode is also known as mercy or can be called the shooting mode, the main full-known and used for portraits, group photos, commemorative photos, and advertising photos. But in the mercy of circumstances, the photographer should be multi-trying to subject ideas to relax, to coincide with the shooting.
2, snap
In the process of the whole photographer, never let the subject know that someone in their own pictures by the photographer to directly consume the typical character activities and vivid moment. Therefore, it can be called the shooting of the main I do not know. The shooting in this way, and perhaps composition, used up less than satisfactory, the photographic object, but in the unrestrained activities of state and manners are more natural look. But the subject needs more life experience and keen eyesight, good at crawling the subject is the most typical and the most fleeting activities of the various characters, the most engaging moments, to press the shutter.
Placed grab combination
The entire photographic process, although the subject to know someone in their own pictures, but does not tell the exact time of the shooting, so that the subject of attention is still focused on the things that are engaged in, and the photographer able to have some time, choose the best angle and light, and after adjustment and at the mercy of the smaller range of pressing the shutter at the appropriate time. This way of shooting, adopting both the strengths of both and snapshot photography, so caught in the pendulum swing \ in the crawl. Therefore, also known as Swing \ scratched, can also be called the main imperfect shooting.


Maintenance of car engine

Everyone has a heart, if the heart stops beating, life will subsequently disappear. Car is no exception, the engine is the heart of the car,  maintenance is good or bad a direct impact on vehicle performance and its service life. In order to make our car away from the "heart", we should cherish their love as the heart of the car's engine. The vehicle described below suffering from "heart" of the eight factors that may give you some benefit.
1, no scheduled maintenance
Usually people always like to put a lot of money on modifications, but easy to overlook the scheduled maintenance done to the engine. According to an experienced automotive master said: "in their handling of the maintenance of vehicles, poor maintenance of vehicles due to engine failure caused by the high 50% of total failure." Vehicles can be seen to extend the life of the engine maintenance can play a crucial the role. Of course, you will reduce unnecessary losses, or how to be "to raise on behalf of repair," the term.
2, oil and oil filter deterioration, poor
Different grades of oil quality in the process of using CPC will change. Vehicles after a certain mileage, performance will deteriorate, the engine could have caused various problems. To avoid these failures occur, the conditions should be combined with periodic oil changes to the car, and to fuel moderate, generally between the upper and lower limits to the oil gauge is better.
Oil from the oil filter through the pores when the oil and solid particles in viscous material accumulated in the filter. Such as filter plugging, oil can not be smoothly through the filter, the filter or open the safety valve will burst from the by-pass valve, still the dirt back to the lubrication points, prompting accelerated engine wear, plus the pollution within the polymer . Therefore, replacement of oil filter on a regular basis just as important.
3, the air filter clogged
Engine intake system air filter and inlet mainly of two parts. Depending on usage, periodically clean the air filter, you can use the methods of high-pressure air blown from the inside out, blow the dust in the filter. As the air filter for the paper, so pay attention when blowing air pressure can not be too high to prevent damage to the filter. In general, air filter cleaning should be replaced after three new, daily cleaning cycle can be driven by the regional air quality may be.
4, the intake pipe is too dirty
If vehicles are traveling on dusty, poor air quality, traffic area, you should pay attention to cleaning the intake pipe to ensure the smooth flow of intake. Intake pipe for the engine work is very important, if the intake pipe is too dirty, it will lead to a decline in volumetric efficiency, so that the engine output power can not be in the normal range of operation, increased engine wear and aging.
5, excessive crankcase sludge
The engine during operation, high-pressure combustion chamber unburned gas, acid, moisture, sulfur and nitrogen oxides through the piston ring and cylinder wall into the gap between the crankcase, the parts wear it with metal powder produced mixed together to form a sludge. A small amount of sludge suspended in the oil, when the large amount of precipitation from the oil, filter and plug the hole, causing the engine lubrication problems, thereby increasing engine wear. In addition, the oil will be generated in high temperature oxidation and carbon deposition coating bonded to the piston, the engine increases fuel consumption, power down, dead serious when the cylinder piston ring card.
6, fuel system maintenance poorly
Fuel system maintenance, including of fuel filter, cleaning the carburetor or fuel nozzles and oil pipeline. Fuel oil supply to the combustion chamber through the combustion process, will inevitably gum and coke formation in the oil channel, carburetor, fuel injectors and combustion chamber deposits down, interfere with the flow of fuel, disruption of normal air fuel ratio, poor fuel atomization, resulting in the engine breath shaking, knocking, unstable idle, acceleration and poor performance issues. Use clean fuel system cleaner fuel system, so the engine can always maintain the best condition.
7, water tanks rust, scaling
Engine water tank rust, scaling is the most common problems. Rust and scale will limit the coolant flow in the cooling system, reducing the cooling effect, leading to engine overheating, and even cause engine damage. Coolant will form acid oxidation, corrosion of metal parts in the tank, causing tank damage, leakage. Regular use of powerful and efficient cleaning agent tank cleaning water tanks, which remove rust and scale, not only to ensure the engine work, and extend the JVC overall life of the tank and engine.
8, the cooling system in poor condition
People on the car engine maintenance, particular attention is the lubrication system, with little attention to the cooling system. Little do they know the most common car engine failure, such as the piston-cylinder, knock, punch cylinder leakage, resulting in severe noise, acceleration power down, etc., are due to abnormal automobile engine operating temperature, pressure, cooling system status caused by poor. Cooling system in poor condition will lead directly to the engine can not work under normal temperature, followed by a serious fault will produce the above-mentioned phenomenon.